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Drawing Blanks

and shooting them too

Mercurii, ab deorum labellis, sum



26th May 2009


Trek Fic. for the prompt, on the spectacular st_xi_kink
* Kirk/Chekov or Kirk/Pike - Young hustler!Kirk, pre-movie or academy days. Combines his thrill/danger seeing tendencies with his sluttiness/self-destructive tendencies by occasionally dabbling in playing the role of rough trade. Bonus points for involving Capt. Pike (either as a participant or in catching Kirk in the act) or terrifically underage Chekov (with protective!Kirk insisting "does your mother know you're here?" on escorting him home. Which ends up being the academy)

It's anon on the meme, but I like it, so I'm posting it here.

Like Liquid PlatinumCollapse )

6th April 2009

Twenty One

Title: Twenty One
Fandom: Torchwood (Doctor Who)
Author: me, of course
Summary: Jack Harkness doesn't always understand the twenty-first century.

He wasn't ready for that level of commitment!Collapse )

1st February 2009

Ocean's Eleven.
Firstly: why is this such a small fandom?
Secondly: how have I not seen the amazing potential in this movie before?
Thirdly: why has it taken me this long to write something this short?


Kings and Queens
Rusty has always had a weakness for Kings full of Queens.

Kings and QueensCollapse )

17th December 2008

I do that.

Even post it sometimes. And even though this is a mainly fic-y 'journal, I'm putting this up. I mean, every time I try to write fic, I start reading someone else's, and then have to stop, because mine isn't as good. But this! This poetical prose thing, I like it. It's kind of cliché, but I'm mostly alright with that.

Well, read and review.

I Never Wrote You This (You Miss Me Too Much)Collapse )

18th September 2008

Lifting Away

She always had trouble telling the difference between flying and falling.

I realize I don't post in here, and I feel foolish. It's not that I don't write, I do. It's just that my writing rarely gets past the plot arcing stage, so while I have an elaborate diagram of the plot, and several key scenes, and characters, I never really get past that. I need to get over myself and just write.

I really need to be more chill.

For the longest time, I was a one-fandom-girl. Not to say that I only read one thing, no, not at all. It was more of serial monogamy when it came to fandom, I suppose. I would read Muse RPS, and then lots of Potterverse stuff, then read endless Pirates fic, and then Whovian fic. And I realize, that I'm silly. I should embrace fandom as it comes, and all the fandoms I'm fit to participate in.

I also realize that I love crossovers.

Mostly, though, I realize that I miss fandom when I leave for teh RL, and that I should come back more.

25th September 2007

Huh. I kinda miss it.

I logged in as my fandom account for the first time today. I miss it... I went on a rampage, and I read all of ebony_star's fics, so that was chill....

And now I'm wandering around my bookmarks, looking at things.

's kinda fun. I hope I get more time, and come back to this....

24th August 2007


I've been in fandom for about three years, and never has RL made me not have enough time for it. Never. However, that evil time has come, and I can't even keep up with what few fics I actually read.

So. I'm lame. And my comments will be sporatic at best.

But RL is treating be better than normally, as much of my formerly free time is spent with a certain significant other. So that's great, but... I dunno, I'm going to miss fandom quite a bit.

I'm not breaking down, I'm breaking out.


18th August 2007

(no subject)

It kinda seems like I don't really post much. And I don't, but you can blame that on r'ife, on me reading and lurking rather than writing, and on me writing for this fest I'm in. Which is kinda scary. But, you know, I'll deal.

And all that rot.

I'm thinking of posting another round of recs, but I don't really have a lot to offer right now. I've been so slagged busy that I have basically only been keeping up with ebonystar's fics and a few HP wips that send me the updates. Which is shiny, but I'm kinda going into withdrawl.


/rant, anyway.

21st July 2007

(no subject)

Some asshole put spoilers on my flist. Goddamnit. I mean, I may have already read the book, but still, jerk, not okay.

So. Be wary of your friends pages. And OMG! DH is amazing!

19th July 2007


I'm having sooo much fun. Just joined my first fest as this me, so I'm excited.
Do you believe in the bogeyman?

So. Right. I'm excited. And I think I can do a good job.

Whee. That was my pimping post.

But I have a little peice, drabble length, that I have to type, so it shall be here soon.

I swear to the gods.
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