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Drawing Blanks

Lifting Away

Mercurii, ab deorum labellis, sum

Lifting Away

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She always had trouble telling the difference between flying and falling.

I realize I don't post in here, and I feel foolish. It's not that I don't write, I do. It's just that my writing rarely gets past the plot arcing stage, so while I have an elaborate diagram of the plot, and several key scenes, and characters, I never really get past that. I need to get over myself and just write.

I really need to be more chill.

For the longest time, I was a one-fandom-girl. Not to say that I only read one thing, no, not at all. It was more of serial monogamy when it came to fandom, I suppose. I would read Muse RPS, and then lots of Potterverse stuff, then read endless Pirates fic, and then Whovian fic. And I realize, that I'm silly. I should embrace fandom as it comes, and all the fandoms I'm fit to participate in.

I also realize that I love crossovers.

Mostly, though, I realize that I miss fandom when I leave for teh RL, and that I should come back more.
  • I have writing monogamy. I can only write for one fandom at a time, and Muse have completely consumed me.

    And yes, you should come back more often - I miss you! *hugs*
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