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Drawing Blanks

I love finding new fandoms.

Mercurii, ab deorum labellis, sum

I love finding new fandoms.

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Ocean's Eleven.
Firstly: why is this such a small fandom?
Secondly: how have I not seen the amazing potential in this movie before?
Thirdly: why has it taken me this long to write something this short?


Kings and Queens
Rusty has always had a weakness for Kings full of Queens.

Kings and Queens:

Charlemagne, Pallas, Helen, David, Alexander.

King of Hearts, Queen of Spades, Queen of Hearts, King of Spades, King of Clubs.

Rusty had always had a weakness for Kings full of Queens, and he didn't think it was just the teenager in him snickering about pegging. He'd met all these cards

(Danny, smiling, flirting, holding court; Tess, starting wars and finishing them; Isabel, launching a thousand ships; Saul, bringing down the greatest with planning and pebbles; Rueben, conquering the known world),

and he'd loved all these cards,

(Danny, twisting the sheets between his fingers; Tess, beaming up at him from Danny's side; Isabel, looking sideways over coffee and biscotti; Saul, teaching him how to stack a deck; Rueben, giving him his first job),

and he'd lost all these cards

(Danny, in his last glance up while being lead away; Tess, crying after Danny's trial; Isabel, telling him he was a thief; Saul, to Cooperstown and Rolaids; Rueben, to a ridiculous house in a ridiculous town),

so Rusty shuffled the deck three times, finding the cards he needed, and dealt four nines and the Ace of Diamonds to Danny.

And when the job is over, and he drops off Tess and Danny at the airport, Rusty finds the nearest casino, a cheap, badly lit, ugly casino, and sits down to a game of five card stud to make himself a bit of extra cash that he doesn't need, and nearly cries when he's dealt kings full of queens.
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