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Drawing Blanks

and shooting them too

Mercurii, ab deorum labellis, sum



Skipped Back 10

14th July 2007

Inspiration! At last!

Okay. First off, this:
My Harry Potter Spoiler of Doom is:
Severus Snape joins a Beatles tribute band, as John Lennon in a submarine
Get your Harry Potter Spoiler of Doom

and secondly, the most wonderful jellydot has inspired me to write and rec and all sorts of fun things. So.

I know its just not done but I am a slut for a good bit of violence. Hence me rec'ing Miranda Fairgold's A Second Chance at Life, and it's sequel, Changes in a Time of War. Shippy? No. Violent? Oh, yes. Well writen? Yes. The first two chapters are a little hurried, but I swear to the gods, it's amazing. Also, I must confess, it is on FFN. But it really is good.

Next, is one of my all time favorite authors, who is sooooooo bril with the darkfic. This is one of the most briliant peices I've ever read. Mostly, Amanuensis (or, amanuensis1) is the most amazing person EVER. And I know her stuff is rec'd left and right, but it is entirely valid. So go to her site, and READ EVERYTHING. NOW.

Okay. Are you back now? Good. Here is a distressingly WIP fic which makes up for that factor by being AMAZING. charlie_d_blue writes this amazing peice of fic. If you ever feel the need for a detailed, dark, beautiful AU, go to this fic, and fall in love. It's not fluffy in the least, and only read it if you have a bit to think and wish and love and fly, but there is nothing less than briliance it the writing.

5th July 2007

(no subject)

So. Right. I have this character study on Pansy.... And I don't really know if it's going to work out, but here it is.

Unbeta'd, because, seriously, its a drabble, although I have gone over it a bit, so anything mistake-wise is so totally mine. So. If you would read? And drop a review?

Word cound: 700
Character(s): Pansy Parkinson
Pairing(s): HPDM (minor)
Type: Character study, drabble
Warnings: Self-harm, suicide, character death

Pansy knew from the moment she saw himCollapse )

3rd June 2007

Random blah.

So. Random blah has arrived.

Saw PotC: AWE. Kinda fantastic. But wow, it so should have been Elizabeth taking the Pearl, not Hector Barbossa.

And I'm all inspired-like to find some good PotC fic. Yep. So, yeah. I'm not sure what I'd ship though.....

Maybe Jack/Will? Or (oh! oh!) Jack/Will/Elizabeth. That sounds like so much fun! Maybe I should write that.... But (my) Jack isn't really bouncing up and down about it, although Nica and Zach are....

Well, we'll see.

Right. That was kinda nonsensical.

Well, whatever.

30th May 2007

meet the muses

Alright, baby, meet the muses:

First, there's Zach. He's a bitch of a muse, and is my creative spark, having me think of deliciously evil things to do to my beloved characters. He is responcible for most snark, and for most violence, whether in an actual battelfield way, or in a equally fun bedroom-y way. He's also really hot, doesn't always really agree with Nica and Jack, because, with out them, there would never be any plot. Just PWPs, and senseless violence, which can be fun, but not all the time.

Then, there's Nica. She's sweet, and is responcible for concepts: people, places, plots devices. I can sit and plan with Nica for hours, and we get along just fine. She's a big fan of the surreal, but never seems to know where to stop or start. With only Nica, I would simply daydream, and never write anything. Also, I might be commited, because I know some of hte things that Nica's come up with so well any pshrink would think I live there.

Finally, there's Jack (which can get confusing, because most people call me that. But WE never have any issues with it), who is really just me, but with out all those pesky inhibitions. You know, the id, no super ego messing me up. He gets me to write, and keeps me writing. He puts together concepts, layers charcters, and basicaly puts Zach and Nica together. He puts Nica's ideas and Zach's flair together, and adds in some flowery language to help out.

Yep. Thats about it. So yeah.

Jacqueline: Out

29th May 2007

Well. This is my rather awkward first post. I'm sure I could write something so devastatingly witty it would blow your mind, but I'm rather lacking devastating wit, right about now. I'll leave that to Zach, my muse for evil. And yes, my three muses have names.

So. A bit about me, yes?

My name is Jack, Jacqueline if you want to get technical, and I'm going to SCCC in Seattle, WA, US.

I'm here for the fandom of Harry Potter, and I'll go for pretty much any pairing as long as its dark-ish, well characterized and well-written. Okay, I'll read some really bad shit when I'm in the mood, but I'll only go back to something if its good.

I'm working on my own potter-fics, an original piece, and I'm going so slow on them I'm far more centered on beta-ing right now, so I'm totally up for it if you email me.

I'm not new to the fandom, but everything else was really just preparing for this ident, which I'm planning on keeping for a while.

Er, yeah. That's about it.

Jack: out.
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